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How do I get ready for endoscopy?

Our doctors and clinical assistants will explain procedures and prep instructions well ahead of time however at times patients forget things or think of new questions. We have enlisted most FAQ below.

If your queries are not answered below, call our doctor’s assistant during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-7:30pm) (079 489 44 777).


For best results and thorough examination of colon, strictly follow the instructions given by your physician/assistant. Below are few FAQ which might help u for better preparation.


1What medication will be given for colonoscopy?
You Will Need: Peglec/Pegmove/Pegred or coloprep
2What to do with Medications that I am taking for my other illness?
  • Take your ESSENTIAL prescription medications like for Hypertension with sips of water.
  • You do not have to stop your ASPIRIN (ASA), VITAMINS or NSAIDS (Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, etc.)
  • One week prior to procedure, please STOP any Iron and Fiber Supplements.
  • If you take Warferin/acitrom, clopidogrel or other blood thinners, please contact your prescribing doctor for specific instructions on usage before, during and after your procedure.
  • Do not take diabetes medicine on day of procedure.
  • 3What fluids/ food I can take?
    You can take clear Liquids (Do not drink Red, Blue or Purple Liquids. Continue Clear Liquids until 4 hours before procedure) like

  • Water
  • Green Tea/ Coffee (no cream or milk)
  • Apple Juice
  • White Grape Juice
  • White Cranberry Juice
  • Sprite/ 7-Up
  • Lemonade
  • 4When shall I take the colonoscopy preparation medicine?
    For early morning examination take it on Day before exam.

    For afternoon procedure, take it in early morning.
    5How shall I take the medicine?
    Mix the entire Powder and 2L drinking water. Be sure to stir before each drink of the mixture. Chill with ice or refrigerate. Begin drinking one glasses of the Solution every 10 minutes and finish it in 2 hours. If you feel Nauseated or vomit, take a 30 minutes break and start drinking again at 10 minutes intervals. Remember that best results are achieved if complete solution is retained and finished timely.


    Fill the two bottles containing medicine with water. Drink both of it in an hour and after that take one extra litre of water on it (Total will be 2L).

    Remember to stay close to the toilet facilities as the laxative will work quite suddenly.

    If you’re feeling ill or there is an emergency, please call our main line at 9979 55 6666 to reach our On-Call Physician/assistant.
    6When shall I stop taking orally?
    7How should I reach hospital?
    Atleast an hour prior to schedule time.

    Your driver (relative or friend) must accompany you to your procedure and stay until the procedure is completed and you are ready to leave, NO TAXI CABS ARE ALLOWED. Do not drive, operate machinery or drink alcohol for 12 hours after the procedure due to sedation effects of the medications.

    Endoscopy / Gastroscopy:


    1How long I have to fast prior to the schedule endoscopy?
    The fasting time is 8 hours prior to the endoscopy. If your endoscopy is scheduled in the afternoon, you may eat breakfast as long as you are done 8 hours before your procedure.
    2If by mistake I ate something 8 hours (or less) prior to procedure, can I still have it?
    NO! Your procedure will be rescheduled. Not even chewing gum, mint or candy should be taken.
    3I forgot and drank little water a couple of hours before my procedure. Is that okay?
    NO! If you had drank anything within 4 hours of procedure, we will reschedule your procedure.
    4Why I need so long fast?
    During procedure you will be made to sleep and while doing so there are chances of aspiration/inhalation of stomach content into lung which may lead to serious complications like pneumonia.
    5Can I brush my teeth on day of procedure?
    Yes. Try not to swallow any water.
    6What medications can I take in the morning?
    Take your normal medications with small sips of water. Avoid blood thinners/ diabetes medicines.
    7Can i take antibiotics as precaution prior to procedure?
    No, this is not necessary for routine endoscopy procedures.
    8In case if i have fever, significant upper respiratory or nasal congestion, infection etc..?
    In this situation, call us, we may reschedule procedure.
    9What kind of sedation is used?
    Short IV sedation is used as this are short duration procedures. This are to make u sleep, make the procedure painless, comfortable. You may even not remember it. When you awaken, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.
    10What time shall I arrive for procedure?
    Time will be given by assistant.
    11What is the duration of procedure?
    Routine upper GI endoscopy takes about 10 minutes..
    12Do I need to have a family member, friend or neighbour accompany me?
    Yes, you must have one accompanying person.
    13Can I drive after procedure?
    NO! you can’t for 12 hours.

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